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eneral Systems Development in Westport, Connecticut, offers a learning management system inspired by the General Systems Theory. This theory is especially useful for institutions looking for ways to enhance their management and organization.
Early Issues
Several companies and organizations proposed solutions for management and structural problems, but their suggestions were ineffective due to one thing: "all the pieces don't fit together." Studies showed that homogeneous classes usually cause social stratification and increased parent and political pressure instead of narrowing the gap between top-performing students and those relegated to the "bottom group."


Hand Crafted Fireplace Doors & Screens

Welcome to Jerry's & Co., Based in Tacoma, Washington, we pride ourselves on having more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and installing fireplace enclosures.

Benefits for You & Your Home

Consider having fireplace doors installed if you have an open fireplace. Fireplace doors reduce heat loss from your home to keep you warmer  longer. By minimizing the amount of air exiting the chimney, your home becomes more energy efficient. In addition, fireplace screens serve as protection to keep burning embers or sparks in the fireplace and not in the room.

Available Finishes

Many Decorative Stove Paint Colors

Metal Plating 
Gold | Brass | Nickel | Chrome | Oil Rubbed Bronze | Copper

Antique | Polished | Satin | Rustic or Oxidized

Glass Selection
Clear | Bronze | Gray | Ceramic

We have set the highest standards possible for our products and service. Our designers closely collaborate with you until the design is completed to your specifications.  We can usually exceed our customers' needs and expectations.